Panels 2023


9:00pm – Special Guests Panel (hosted by Tony White)


10:00 – Cosplay panel – Wig dyeing with Melting Mirror

10:30 – Sketch Battle with Andrew Clark, Sebastien Roy, Brianna Ormond, Sandy Carruthers (hosted by Tony White). Come for the drawing and fun banter, you could leave with a unique piece of art!

11:00 – Cosplay panel – Streaming for Introverts hosted by VickyBunnyAngel

11:30 – Talking Comics and Animation with Tara Audibert, Brandon Mitchell and Troy Little. (hosted by Matthieu Surette). Listen while they tell their stories of traversing to and from comics and animation, the stories they tell and what they love about both forms of storytelling. Bring some questions for the Q&A portion!

12:30 – So, you want to be a comic artist? With Adam Gorham, Nick Bradshaw, Gisele Lagace, Brenda Hickey, Danica Brine (hosted by Brent O’Hara). Learn how they got their start, best practices and some tips on what editors like to see. Bring your own questions for a Q&A style talk.

1:30 – Rick and Morty vs D&D with Jim Zub and Troy Little (hosted by André Myette). Listen to Jim and Troy talk about how this idea came to fruition, their love for both D&D as well as Rick and Morty and the friends that they made along the way. Also, bring your own questions for a short Q&A.

2:30 – Making Indie Comics with Dave Howlett, Andrew Clark, Paul Beale, Peter Breau, Hal Hilden (hosted by Don Mann). Every one of these creators has had a successful run at making comics on their own terms. Listen to them tell the story of where they started, what stories they decided upon and how they made it happen. They will be looking forward to answering questions from everyone in attendance, so bring questions with you!

3:30 – The Marvel Way: Writing for Comics with Jed MacKay, Ed Brisson, Jim Zub (hosted by Brad MacDonald). We’ve heard about the Marvel Way, now listen to three absolute writing legends tell you how they do it, why the love it and what sort of challenges they’ve faced along the road to Marvel. There will be some time set aside for audience questions, so make sure you bring yours!

4:30 – Sketch Battle: Adam Gorham, Brenda Hickey, Gisele Lagace & Sandy Carruthers (hosted by Tony White). Come for the drawing, tolerate the banter and at the end, you could walk away with a unique piece of art!