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Ty Odinson

Ty Odinson is a Cosplayer based out of Quispamsis, New Brunswick. He loves attending Cons and meeting new people. He has often been classified as a very social geek, and loves to cosplay in groups. He is most known for his Thor Ragnarok cosplay. He has also cosplayed as Shazam, Superman, All Might from My Hero Academia , Ronin from Avengers Endgame, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Tidus from Final Fantasy X and many more. His biggest cosplay accomplishment so far has been his Arsenal cosplay which includes a full armor set that he built entirely from scratch. The full project took about 7 months to complete. His future projects include: Spartacus, Hercules, Omniman and a few secrets. Ty is a huge nerd, loves cosplay, video games, board games, comics, anime, and fitness! He loves meeting and chatting with new people, especially when it’s about cosplay, so don’t ever be shy to come say hello to Him. Check him out on Instagram @Ty_Thorodinson