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Scott Redding

A long time ago there was a young comic fan named Scott. He decided long ago to take his doodling and head to shows long ago in a galaxy far away. Most of the images were characters he liked, which led to people asking him to draw some characters they liked. One time he had a story published at an online webcomic he briefly did work for at (which has been gone for an ice age). During the pandemic, Scott had all of the sudden a lot of time on his hands and spent a few months finishing a book he wrote and illustrated, which is in his opinion a parodied sci fi adventure called “The Planet of Bad Mojo,” a story that pokes fun largely at a book he and a group of other Calgarians worked on and never saw much of the light of day until now. He also thinks he’s a huge nerd for movies, and mythology of many kinds. Also has a hard time saying a serious comment much of the time.