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In addition to his artistic endeavours, Ramón leads the Royal Academy of Illustration & Design (R.A.I.D.), where he also serves as the Managing Director. Based in Toronto, ON, Canada, R.A.I.D. operates as a dynamic studio, creative agency, and publishing house, boasting a café and gallery that proudly showcase the vibrant world of illustrative and sequential arts.


S.M. Carter is an accomplished author and game developer. His written works include contributions to various comic anthologies, and he has authored the fantasy epic prose novel To Steal The Sun. He is currently writing and developing the ongoing graphic novel series “Aardehn”, which he co-creates with artist Eric Vedder. In the gaming industry, Carter has made significant contributions as the creative director of THE DARKNESS 2 and as one of the creators of the highly successful game “Warframe.” S.M Carter lives in London, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and two children. He once caught a fly with chopsticks.


Dax Gordine is an animator, concept artist, and illustrator known for his work on feature films like “Osmosis Jones”, “Eight Crazy Nights”, and “Curious George”. He has also contributed concept art to the video game “Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 & 3” and illustrated the “Bravo Man” webcomic. Dax recently illustrated *Giant-Size Little Marvels* for Marvel Comics, written by Skottie Young.

Dax’s creator-owned series, “Forest Folk”, draws inspiration from the comics and cartoons of his youth. In *Forest Folk*, Dax created Thomas the Elf and his friend and companion, Filburt the Fox. The series debuted online in 2015, showcasing the magical misadventures of these beloved characters. Now, their adventures are enjoyed by millions every Saturday morning and in yearly print collections, offering timeless enjoyment for all ages.

June 7th and 8th, 2024, at the Moncton Coliseum