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Brianna June is a freelance comic illustrator from the East Coast of Canada. Her Professional work includes illustrated variant covers and colors for Archie Comics, Second Sight Publishing, Keenspot Publishing, creator owned comics as well works in Animation with Cartoon Conrad. Currently working with GY6 Studios creating comics and doing variant covers.

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Mason Harold (Hal) Hilden is a Bluenoser, who currently resides in Saint John, New Brunswick, with his wife Stacy, & daughter Hayley.

Over the last 20 years, Hal has written comic books for Lucky Comics, Red Leaf Comics,  Tidalwave Productions & GY6 Studio. He has also teamed up with talented NS artist and creator Andrew Clark on numerous occasions. Hal has also dabbled in writing mini-biographies, interviews, sports articles, and scripting for both animation and movie.

Hal is currently collaborating on a top-secret project with Andrew Clark, penning a small script for artist Dario Carrasco Jr.

When not writing comics, Hal also writes fiction under his full name Mason H. Hilden, and has had drabbles and stories appear in anthologies from Black Hare Press, Macabre Ladies Publishing, and Iron Faerie Publishing.

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Sebastien Roy is a freelance comic book artist from Fredericton, NB best known for his cover and interior work on several “Red Leaf Comics” publications.  Sebastien started in the business only a few years ago in Maritime based comics and began collaborating with Saint John’s very own prolific writer, Paul Beale, on various action-packed stories.  Sebastien has recently developed a military themed comic “Got Your Six” with GY6 Studios.  Sebastien also enjoys doing comic book cover recreations and commissioned art pieces, which have been sold across Canada, the US, and Europe.

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James Dickson is a self-taught freelance illustrator from Rusagonis, NB. Over the last 6 years, He has created sketch cards for trading card companies like Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, Dynamite, and smaller, independent, companies like RRParkscards.

He has currently been published in Frankenstein Visions from Slampress Tome, and Cover artist for Got Your Six from GY6 Studios

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Jarvis Donovan is a Cape Breton born artists with a background in animation. A self-taught artist since the age of two, Jarvis has a love for all the different forms of visual story telling. Besides working in the world of comics, Jarvis is also a storyboard artist.

Jarvis has been professionally published with Archie Comics and is currently illustrating a comic called Misfit Mercs with GY6 Studios.

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Sami Francis is a variant cover artist from Edmonton, Alberta. She has done variant covers for IDW and Archie Comics. Sami trained as a 2D animator but has always had a passion for comics.