ECCE will return May 19th, 2018


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Ecce Special Guest Announcement: Mark Oakley

Mark Oakley

In addition to his appearance at the Expo, ECCE will be presenting Mark Oakley for a tour of regional schools, presenting comic book writing and comic creating workshops in the week leading up to the show. A great opportunity for students in the area!

Once Mark launched I Box Publishing, his own comic book company, he’s since published dozens of comic books and graphic novels.  “Thieves & Kings” was his first big title and “Stardrop” was the next -now running for 10 years!  The third Stardrop graphic novel is just about to come out.  Mark has also just launched a third series: “Jenny Mysterious” -Set in the Stardrop universe, it’s all about high school in the 80’s, conspiracy theory, time travel, kung-fu and fighting aliens!


Ecce Special Guest Announcement: Nick Bradshaw

Nick Bradshaw

Nick Bradshaw is an Atlantic Canadian artist that has worked in various fields as a graphics illustrator. He has done turns at major publishers such as Marvel comics, DC comics, IDW, Dynamic forces and more. He is best known for his work on Marvels Xmen,Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman. Currently he is designing cover work for numerous publishers including soon to be announced creator owned projects in 2017.


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is a caricature/portrait artist from Massachusetts. He specializes in drawing people as their favorite character. Over the past 24 years Scott has drawn thousands of convention goers.


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Sandy Carruthers

Sandy Carruthers

Carruthers first started working in comics at Malibu Graphics and worked on many black and white titles. His biggest success was The Men in Black (comic) (Lowell Cunningham, creator/writer), which he illustrated. The comic later becoming a film, Men in Black. He also worked on Captain Canuck. He worked as the Editorial Cartoonist for the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper. He published a book of his editorial cartoons entitled Sh-It Happened.


Ecce Special Guest Announcement: Cary Nord

Cary Nord

Cary Nord is the award-winning artist of comic books and graphic novels such as Daredevil, Conan The Barbarian and  most recently X-O Manowar . Throughout his career Cary has drawn virtually every major character in comics, having worked on Superman, Wolverine, Mutant-X, JLA, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Thor, and Star Wars.