Dominic Marco

Dominic Marco
Heavy Metal

Dominic Marco was born and raised on the east coast of Canada, but doesn’t like lobster so we think this may be a lie. He is best known for his modern style of pin up art, which have appeared worldwide in magazines such as Heavy Metal and Playboy. He has also dabbled in comic art from time to time having worked on covers for Revival, Hack/Slash, The Answer, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Return to Wonderland and so on.

Dominic is currently working as a production artist and his screen credits include Inspector Gadget, Bob the Builder, Jim Henson’s Doozers and Space Ranger Roger. None of these shows involve pin up art in any way, so he’s still not sure why they keep hiring him.

He has no awards to his name, but has been nominated for quite a few. He once had a cup that said “Best Dad”, but we don’t think it counts if you buy it yourself.

Dominic currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with two vicious attack gerbils and spends way too much time writing his bio instead of drawing.