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Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Joseph Schmalke

Joseph Schmalke

Joseph Schmalke is the artist and writer of the Calamitous Black Devils and the Infernal Pact and the upcoming Whore of Babylon. He has also worked on the book Oxymoron: Killing Time ;segment: the Final Solution for Comixtribe. He graduated magna cum laude with a BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and currently resides in Westbrook, Maine with his wife and daughters.

His work has appeared in art shows throughout the New England area. A lifelong lover of comic books and horror, he got his start working as a tattoo artist in New Orleans. He has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for almost ten years, creating comic strips, concert posters and album covers (among other things).


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: John Fleming

John Fleming

John Fleming is a Canadian writer, educator and makeshift letterer. He’s written everything from novels to absurdist theater, but comic books, that’s been exciting. In 2016 he joined with a strong international team to develop and begin publishing the independent comic series ‘Badassical’. While new to the industry he’s having a great time of it.


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Collette Turner

Collette Turner

Collette Turner is a UK born artist. Following graduation she moved to Northern Canada, where she took up wildlife art, but soon found herself gravitating towards sequential art and storytelling.

She’s currently working on her personal project Badassical, the Rothic books Southern Nightgown and Rem-8, and covers for the Action Lab title Dollface. She’s also very active in the collectable art card community, working with Upper Deck, Perna and other companies.

Currently she can be found living and working in Atlantic Canada.


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Josh Stafford

Josh Stafford

Josh is a co-owner and resident geek-in-chief of Ottawa’s historic Mayfair Theatre, one of the oldest running single screen movie theatres left not only in Canada, but on the planet. He also co-hosts the popular Mayfair Theatre Podcast weekly. He graduated from Canterbury Arts High School, and Vancouver Film School. Amongst other projects, he directed a short film which screened at San Diego Comic Con, and co-directed / co-produced a roller derby documentary for CBC. Josh has a Green Lantern wedding ring, once had a letter read on air by David Letterman, and was killed in a Star Wars comic by Jango Fett (yes, that accomplishment is now out of canon).

Josh’s latest writing credit is the 2nd Zomkeys comic, drawn by Andy Goss, with issue 3 coming later in 2017 (from Winter Star Comics) . Beware the Children, a short horror story co-written with Howard Wong (After The Cape, True Patriot) and drawn by Robin Simon Ng, appeared in the 2016 anthology Hogtown Horror. Josh is also working on a top secret comic (there’s monsters in it) with Kelly Tindall (Strangebeard, The Adventurers).


Ecce Featured Guest Announcement: Dominic Marco

Dominic Marco

Dominic Marco was born and raised on the east coast of Canada, but doesn’t like lobster so we think this may be a lie. He is best known for his modern style of pin up art, which have appeared worldwide in magazines such as Heavy Metal and Playboy. He has also dabbled in comic art from time to time having worked on covers for Revival, Hack/Slash, The Answer, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Return to Wonderland and so on.